If you have just bought a brand new Smart TV or a large LED, Plasma or LCD Television and need some help with installation and wall mounting then Aerial Services are here to help. We can also assist you with high quality home cinema installations so that you can get the most out of your home entertainment experience.

We provide an extensive flat screen TV installation and wall mounting service to suit your needs. We also have many years experience in installing digital home cinema and audio systems and can provide you with an installation that will significantly enhance your viewing and listening experience.

If you would like to leave your complete TV installation to the professionals then our highly trained engineers will visit your home and advise you on every aspect of your TV installation. They will take you through the various fitting options that are available and advise on how you can discreetly hide any cabling and how to achieve a multi-room TV installation.

If you are planning to move house and need help with uninstalling your TV system then we can support you with that as well. As experts in TV installation we can help you install televisions in any room that you want, even in places like a bathroom or garden house. Our engineers possess all the necessary qualifications and they are expertly trained to fit your TV safely, no matter what your circumstances or requirements might be.

Expensive LED, Plasma or LCD TVs can often be a target for thieves and, with this in mind, we can help to secure your TV so that it makes it extremely difficult to steal. This will give you the peace of mind that your TV installation is as secure as it can be.

TVs and cables can also be tempting for young children and pets to play with, as well as being hazardous. Through mounting your TV on a wall safely and securely and discreetly hiding all the necessary cabling we can ensure that any danger is kept out of the way and you avoid any potential incidents and expensive damage. We will show you how to achieve this.

Why choose Aerial Services?

Our engineers are professionally qualified, highly experienced and work with the very best equipment. We select our engineers based on their levels of professionalism, skills, dedication and commitment to quality customer service. They will give you advice you can trust and provide a first class service at all times. Call us today on 01442 620 180 to arrange your TV installation.